domingo, 19 de octubre de 2008

Are fulfilled predictions

In the end, time is not good this weekend. Saturday has dawned cloudy and some rain is expected Sunday.

Two predictions than 7 days already successful in the past two weekends. There are already people in place that we ask clubs with humor that will make time next weekend. We also wonder as found out.

Although the weather forecasts are unreliable for 10 days, there are a number of pages on the Internet (some of which we have already put in the blog) to be very close in the forecast.

An analysis of all of them, the degree of success is pretty rough.

For example, we dare to say that next weekend, Oct. 24-26, will have good weather. Quite the sun Saturday and Sunday.

After several weekends in bad weather in October, and he played good weather and sunshine. But now the good weather is no guarantee that the Plan "Cabo de Palos Weekend" can be conducted on those dates.

The reason is that we have yet to answer the residents' association. Fundamental to seek and expedite permits with the administration.

What we have is whether everything needed to develop the Cabo de Palos Special Weekend
1. Already achieved what it harder and harder. With many hours of dedication.
2. Already secured the signing of 52 companies supporting the Plan of Cabo de Palos Weekend.
2. Already achieved the definition, planning and development of activities and events
3. Volunteers have already been achieved.
4. Already secured the support of all the neighbors with whom we have spoken. If necessary, we also ask for your signature.
5. Already achieved the website of the project with almost 1,000 pages served in less than a month, in part because we have also distributed more than 3,000 business cards with information and web address. and
6. Already achieved the preparation of the marketing campaign and viral marketing on the Internet.
7. Already achieved the top positions in search results
8. Already managed to design posters ready to print.
9. Already achieved the campaign of radio ready.
10. Above all, we have the perseverance to make the project forward.

We can not do and much more. We lack the blessing of the association / club is out of control and administration.

We believe that there will be no impediments to the Management, since from all fields are looking for a seasonal increase in tourism to attract and Cabo de Palos is a major tourist and fishing village.

Anyway if you want to be well informed and up to date do not hesitate to enter the
blog of Cabo de Palos

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